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Manual Machining

Peterson’s Welding and Machine, in Green Bay, Wisconsin, offers a variety of manual machining services – Blanchard grinding, boring, honing, keyseating, and gear cutting (hobbing and shaping). Contact us today to get a quote. 

Blanchard Grinder

Blanchard grinding, also known as rotary surface grinding, removes stock from one side of a part accurately and efficiently.

Capacity: 42 inch diameter, 21 inches under wheel

Blanchard Grinder

4” Wotan Horizontal Boring Bar

Used for a variety of applications, this machine helps create precise holes of a specified size and shape.

Boring Bar


Machine Specifications

Table Rotating 360 degree table  
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis)

72 in

  Travel (Y Axis) 48 in
  Travel (Z Axis) 48 in


Sunnen Hone

Fast and efficient for all kinds of bore-sizing work. 

Capacity: 3 inch diameter



Fast and efficient for all kinds of bore-sizing work. 

Machine Specifications

D.C. Morrison Keyseater

up to 1-1/4″ wide key

Mitts & Merrill 6A Keyseater

up to 4″ wide key


Gear Cutting

Numerous hobbers and shapers allow us to provide excellent gear cutting services.

Machine Specifications


Max. Diameter Max. Length

Fellows 36-6 Gear Shaper

36 6

Fellows 6A Gear Shaper

18 3

Fellows 7 Gear Shaper (qty 2)

7 2

Barber Colman 16-16 Hobb


Barber Colman 6-10 Hobb


Barber Colman 16-36 Hobb

16 36

G&E 36H Hobb

36 24

Rack Gear Cutter



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