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CINCINNATI LASER CL-707 with Shuttle Table

Laser Cutting

At Peterson’s Welding and Machine, we use laser cutting equipment for precision cuts on a variety of metals and thicknesses. Contact us today for a quote.

Cincinnati CL-707

Machine Specifications

X Axis 10 ft (120 in) 
Y Axis 5 ft (60 in)
Pallets Pallet Changer
Number of Z-Carriages 1
Linear Positional Accuracy +/- 0.0010″
Repeatability +/- 0.0010″
Speed up to 8500 in/min

Cincinnati CL-707 (2nd machine)

Machine Specifications

X Axis 20 ft (240 in) 
Y Axis 8 ft (96 in)
Pallets Pallet Changer

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