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CNC Horizontal Mills

Peterson’s Welding and Machine, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, specializes in CNC horizontal mill machining services. We create parts to precise sizes and shapes with the use of the Mazak Horizontal HCN6800 with Six Pallets. 

Mazak Horizontal HCN6800 with Six Pallets

The Mazak Horizontal HCN6800 with six pallets is programmable for six unique jobs. The HCN6800 reduces setup time and allows for continuous production. 

Machine Specifications

SpindleMaximum Speed8000 RPM
 Spindle Taper50
MagazineNumber of Tools120
Feed AxesTravel (X Axis)


 Travel (Y Axis)Y35.43
 Travel (Z Axis)Z38.58

Mazak Horizontal HCN5000

Machine Specifications

SpindleMaximum Speed12000 RPM
 Spindle Taper40
MagazineNumber of Tools120
Feed AxesTravel (X Axis)


 Travel (Y Axis)Y28.74
 Travel (Z Axis)Z31.5


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